ReLIFE Report 150

ReLIFE Report 150

report150. Moving Towards Your Goal
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Another week, another report! Nice little wrap up to this arc. Still a possibility of another chapter or two but I think it’s done.

The ReLIFE 3rd year anniversary that I was totally expecting last week ended up happening this week. I guess they wanted it to align with ReLIFE’s 150th chapter. Got a short message from the author at the end of the chapter this week, as well as ahem a little something extra from us 😉

Anyways, I’ll let you get to it! I’ll probably have a more formal announcement about the November hiatus in next weeks chapter.

  • Anonymous

    Aah, so much bromance in that chat excerpt at the bottom…

  • indodino

    The last page is pure evil 😂
    I would stressed out for a week with that kind of ending

  • Kyon12

    Thanks for the chapter is good to know that you guys are still going at it(translating), jokes aside, right?

  • Shitsureishimasu

    Thanks for the chapter.

    The last two have been relatively light, like an Omake or something. A nice way to wrap the arc, as has been said. So what comes next, I wonder? There’s a lot of potential still between Hishiro and Kaizaki. Hmmm?

  • quang

    thanks for the chapter :v

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the new release!

  • LegitLegitimacy

    Great work as always, keep it up!

  • Mariesz

    Thanks so much for the release !

  • nice last bit hah! thanks as usual 😀

  • Zephiris
  • Severing

    Thanks for another chapter and for sticking with this for so long! Your little extras got a bit of a giggle, too.

  • BlueRozen

    Thank you very much! 🙂