ReLIFE NoReport – Happy Halloween!


NoReport. Happy Halloween!
Whiteout Scans ReaderBatotoOneDrive

What is this? We’re actually doing a noreport for once?!


Well, it’s got some pretty Halloween pics in it and it was super short so Xyros decided to translate it :3

ALSO, an excerpt from the noreport:

As stated inĀ last weeks author’s notes

Today we discovered that:

  1. Yayoi Sou has an author’s notes section below each chapter on Comico just before the comment section.
  2. She’s been notifying the readers of hiatus’s since nearly the very beginning.

We had no idea…. I never scroll down that far when I download the pages, and I guess Xyros doesn’t scroll past the last page of the chapter! I’ve told Xyros he should skim the author’s notes from now on for any indication of incoming hiatus’s so we will hopefully know a week in advance now!