Whiteout Reader is Back!

Well, I had a bit of trouble that I got worked out but all in all, I didn’t have to take it down or even re-upload all the chapters like I thought I was going to have to!

I’ve already uploaded chapter 139 so if you haven’t read that yet for some reason, you can do so here!

We have a different theme that, while being less nice, works way better on mobile devices. The ReLIFE pages should finally fill the entire display on your phone. Considering that ReLIFE is the kind of series that is designed to be read on a phone, I’d recommend giving it a whirl!

In less nice news, the Disqus comments have been temporarily removed from the reader. It’s a side-effect of the new version of Foolslide and the theme we’re now using. The groundwork is in place for native Disqus support, it’s just not fully implemented yet, hopefully we’ll see that returning soon. In the meanwhile, discussion can always be done in the release post comment section on the blog, or on the weekly reddit posts.

Anyways, that’s enough tinkering with the website for me for a while now! I’ll see you all when 140 is ready for release!