ReLIFE Report 135

ReLIFE Report 135

report135. Understanding Your Heart
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Another week, another chapter of ReLIFE! There’s been a bit of a bump in traffic to the site from anime-viewers seeking out more ReLIFE, so to those who have come here and already caught up with the web series, WELCOME!

Just to keep everyone on the same page, I operate in the GMT-6 time zone (CST time), and the following times are in that time zone.

RAW chapters are released on every Friday Sometime around 12PM. I typically download and prep the chapter the same night.

Cleaning of the chapter is typically done on Saturday at some point. Xyros usually has the chapter translated by Saturday evening at some point, though sometimes not until Sunday Afternoon.

As for releases, the most common time to expect the chapter to be out is between 6PM and 10PM on Sunday night. Since things do happen, it does occasionally come out a bit later, or if we are feeling extra motivated, earlier (like last weeks chapter.) Generally though we’re pretty consistent.

Speaking of the schedule, Xyros is going to be on a business trip all this week, so there is a possibility that next weeks chapter may be delayed.

Looks at that, actually having a bunch of relevant information to write about in a blog post for once! Go me!