ReLIFE Anime is out now! Streams & Downloads here!

The ReLIFE anime series has been released in it’s entirety via Crunchyroll for paid members only right now. The series will be released one episode per week for free members.

Below you will find links to all the episodes on Crunchyroll (for those with subscriptions) as well as links to the episodes uploaded by KissAnime (for those without subscriptions).

Downloads can also be found below via torrent and a variety of direct download sites (links courtesy of the fine people at HorribleSubs!)

Enjoy the binge folks!



Episode List Official Source Alternative
Episode 1 – Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 2 – Communication Skills: Zero Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 3 – You’re Old Now Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 4 – Fall Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 5 – Overlap Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 6 – This Isn’t the First Time Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 7 – Test Subject 001 -> 002 Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 8 – Rift Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 9 – Revenge Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 10 – Everyone’s Selfish Desires Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 11 – A Trip to the Past Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 12 – Double Panic Crunchyroll KissAnime
Episode 13 – Confession Crunchyroll KissAnime


Magnet Torrent FileFactory Uploaded Tusfiles UploadRocket
480p 480p 480p 480p 480p 480p
720p 720p 720p 720p 720p 720p
1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p

Downloads by HorribleSubs. No guarantee on how long the direct download links will be around.



  • qrious

    Hi, are you recruiting? Love ReLIFE anime and would love to join your group to release the manga!

  • gunna make a amv now ty!

  • Swiggy

    The end of high school, the fading of the memories Kaizaki helped make are already fading away. One thing left to do: get together with Hishiro. It has to happen, otherwise Yayoiso will never get another writing gig in Japan. Our emotions have been on as much of a roller coaster ride as the kids took at the amusement park, but now that coaster is coming into the station. Now comes their post education roles, as they settle into adulthood again. There are so many ways that Ryo can get this couple together, and, as hinted earlier, since they do this every year, I suspect that other ReLife stories, with other characters will appear. That would be interesting.